Issues Treated

My areas of specialty include, but are not limited to the following:

Mood Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Life Transitions
Interpersonal Relationship Issues
Emotional Disturbance
Substance Use Disorders
Issues with Self Esteem
Existential Crises


Psychotherapy involves coming to an understanding of the conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings that influence our perceptions of ourselves and others. Our work together will also involve developing insight into patterns of behavior, what purpose these behaviors have served over your lifetime and how these behaviors guide the way you interact in your daily life. This type of therapeutic work is less regimented and tends to require a longer term investment of time. It also goes beyond symptom relief and the day to day management of specific problems. Seeking a broader understanding of why the symptoms are present in the first place is the overarching aim, resulting in more intricate knowledge of one’s self and a more fulfilling life. Psychotherapy patients are seen from two to four times weekly.